Who Owns JebCanFixIt.com? Not Jeb Bush

Our old friend Laura Packard sends over this gem: JebCanFixIt.com. And guess what, the Jeb! campaign doesn’t own it. Instead, the domain is in the hands of former Austin, TX city council candidate Jimmy Flannigan, who ran in 2014 with the “Flannigan Can Fix It” slogan. Now he asks a quite reasonable question:

Is Jeb running for President or City Council?

In 2014, I ran for Austin City Council with the slogan “Flannigan Can Fix It” and now Jeb Bush is trying to steal my slogan! But can Jeb Bush really fix anything as President if he can’t beat my epic campaign video?

Epic is right — five+ minutes, one take, a dozen settings, props, a sizable cast and more. Check it out below…but first, take a moment to contemplate what the Jeb! campaign did. They rolled out a major campaign rebranding/”relaunch” and they didn’t buy the incredibly obvious domain name that would go along with it.

How many times do we have to say it? Buy those damn domain names! Because someone else well, I assure you. For reference, here are three examples of what happens when you don’t. Thanks for the tip, Laura! Now, back to the Flannigan video. I’m a big fan of the sound effect at the 1:30 mark, btw…a true classic, well used here.


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