[Reminder] Thursday Webinar: Creating Social Champions & Leveraging Supporters for Facebook Success

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Hi folks, Epolitics.com contributor Beth Becker and I are teaming up for a webinar this week, and we’d love it if you could attend.

We’re going to leverage Beth’s killer knowledge of the Facebook algorithm along with research into social media techniques (it’s science!) to deliver a very practical discussion about ways to train your supporters to work on your behalf to boost your social media outreach. If you’ve built a social following (or are building one now) but struggle to develop it to its true potential, this webinar is for you. Check it out, and please help spread the word!

Creating Social Champions: Leveraging Supporters for Facebook Success
Thursday, May 21
1:00 – 2:30 Eastern

Register now! [Cost: $10 + Eventbrite fee]

Facebook can be maddening for online advocates and campaigners: the audience is huge, but the legendary Facebook algorithm is a complicated beast that can make it hard to reach even our most dedicated supporters.

One proven tactic has been to use training to leverage the collective power of our engaged community to employ their own social voices to help you: the cause or candidate they believe in. Data has shown that training and activating the highly supportive members of your community can raise social media engagement by 20-40% within weeks. And, with additional engagement and follow-up, this increase isn’t fleeting — it lasts for the long term.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the tactics your supporters need to know to become social amplifiers and ambassadors for your organization or campaign. We’ll also teach you how to identify those supporters who should attend such a training. And, we’ll look at how to frame the tactics to get buy-in and long-term engagement from this crucial slice of your social following. This isn’t pie-in-the-sky social media: these are techniques and approaches that are working for organizations today in the real world.


Beth Becker, Becker Digital Strategies (@spedwybabs)
Colin Delany, Epolitics.com (@epolitics)

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