February 26th Webinar: Rapid Response in Action

A wise owl joins Epolitics.com webinars

Hi folks, things are hopping over here in the e.politics bunker: the consulting biz is humming, I’m doing a training for some potential candidates this weekend, the next TechBytes column is coming due, and the second webinar in the series I’m doing for Blackbaud is coming up next week! I’ll be co-presenting next Thursday with Amber Wobschall of Planned Parenthood on a topic that’s always relevant in the world of politics and advocacy: rapid response. Sign up now! Here’s the scoop:

Rapid Response in Action: Turning Adversity into Opportunity Overnight

February 26, 2:00–3:00 p.m. ET

Louis Pasteur once said that “Fortune favors the prepared mind,” an observation that’s definitely true in the world of rapid-response advocacy and communications. When both opportunities and adversities can spring up overnight, fortune also favors tech-savvy organizations that expect the unexpected. In this session, email strategist Amber Wobschall of Planned Parenthood Federation of America will join Colin to share how your organization can take advantage of fleeting opportunities and turn bad circumstances into good results in real time. Sign up today.

Don’t forget to check out the final webinar in the series:

  • New Congress, New Opportunities: Advocacy in 2015 and Beyond (Livestreamed panel discussion)

Hope you can make it!


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