Dems Forming Distributed Online “Rapid Response” Team

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Something interesting just dropped into my email inbox — an invitation to join a Democratic Party online rapid response team. My mission, should I choose to accept it:

This special PartyBuilder group will help serve as the eyes and ears of the Democratic Party during the campaign and will allow us to share information on the Republican candidates as it breaks. Please, only use the listserv and blog for rapid response purposes.

From the invitation email:

As a member of the PartyBuilder rapid response group, we’ll send you important information about the 2008 Republican presidential candidates — when they mislead voters, completely change positions on the issues, or pander to special interests. Then, you can help get the word out to your friends, family and neighbors.

You can also contribute to the research effort by fact-checking their statements, studying their records, and watching for campaign gaffes.

This is a group effort, and this work is essential for showing the American public the true nature of the Republican candidates.

Looks as though Kos isn’t the only person asking peeps to record everything — no doubt, a bunch of large-membership organizations or sites with big audiences will end up doing the same. Candidates under a microscope! More political crowdsourcing! Pretty soon, no one will be able to run for office but big cute happy puppies….


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