Facebook Pro Tip: Try Posting in the Evening

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Here’s a tip from Facebook’s Crystal Patterson, delivered in a Rootscamp session in December: try posting some of your Facebook content in the evening, when many Americans now watch TV with second (or third) screens close at hand.

According to Patterson, Facebook typically sees a bump in traffic in the evenings, since many of now cheat on our televisions by paying attention to a laptop, tablet or phone at the same time. So, Page owners should schedule some content to go online during prime hours for simultaneous viewing and Facebooking, when they might also reach a different segment of their audience than they would during the work day.

Of course, this advice assumes that you’re ALSO posting during the day, since most of us can’t afford to miss prime officeworker hours, either. Best practice these days is for Pages to post at least 2-3 times per day, assuming we have the content, with posts spaced out enough to allow each one a chance to appear in our followers’ news feeds and garner those all-important Likes, Shares and Comments. Of course, this practice assumes that driving Facebook engagement is a significant online goal for your organization or campaign…which it may or may not be, since Likes, Shares and Comments translate into substantive action for most of us all too rarely.

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