Social Media Pro Tip: Recycle Good Facebook Content on Weekends

Recycle your content

Here’s a quick tip from a social media discussion I sat in on sometime last spring (my notes have evaporated, alas, or I’d give a shout-out to whoever suggested it). If you’re publishing regularly on Facebook, consider taking a page from one of the big conservative groups, which gathers its most-successful content from the weekend and republishes it on the weekends.

The idea? That your weekend audience is likely to be somewhat different than your weekday audience, because some people spend more time on Facebook then than they do during the week. Plus, you’re almost certainly competing against less content from others, because fewer Pages (and people) publish updates on Saturdays and Sundays. Plus, by using your best content from the week before, you know that you’re publishing something that’s already received a strong response.

Also note that Facebook lets you schedule posts in advance, so you don’t have to worry about waking up Saturday morning. When to post? Try some experiments — I’m a fan of Saturday mid-afternoon, but see what your audience responds to. And, why not try a Saturday AND a Sunday post, particularly if your week was graced by images and stories aching for a second chance at fame. Recycling is a virtue!


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Colin Delany
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