CampaignGrid’s Steven Moore Discusses Ad-Targeting Patent on Digital Politics Radio

Digital Politics Radio

CampaignGrid’s Steven Moore went on Karen Jagoda’s Digital Politics Radio this week, and a topic that came up fast was his firm’s parent company’s newly awarded patent on digital ad targeting via the voter file. Like other folks in the industry who’ve been reluctant to talk substantively in public, though, he didn’t tell us much about Audience Partners’ intentions.

When Karen asked if the company might ask other ad-targeting firms to pay a licensing fee or even try to force them out of the business, for instance, the answer that came back was, “I’m just a simple man trying to advance the cause of digital politics, you’re talking way above my pay grade,” though we did also learn that the patent is “patent is a recognition of what we’ve done as a company” and that “taken us years to get to this place, it’s taken millions and millions of dollars.” From there, the interview went on to talk about digital advertising in the current political and media environment, and Moore speculates if 2014 will be the election cycle in which broadcast TV loses its luster. Listen here and see what you think.

Also on the show this week: Brad Johnson of talks about streamlining the online fundraising process and the smart use of donor data. As always, don’t forget that I’m a Digital Politics Radio Contributing Editor, and note that the show reaches political consultants and activists around the country. It’s a great way to connect with the outside-the-Beltway political class. Contact me to talk about sponsorship opportunities.


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