Facebook Ads: Undercut by Fraud?

Update: see this Washington Post article for more analysis and a response from Facebook. Also, see this critique of the critique, via Shaun Dakin.

Hi folks, sorry for the relative paucity of posts this week — your Loyal Editor is a bit under the weather. But in this case, a quick rally was in order: Steve Ofner sent over this video earlier today, and if you’ve ever used Facebook advertising to grow your page Likes (as opposed to spending money to “boost” a post to your existing audience and their friends), you’ll want to watch it. The basic point? That click-fraud dilutes the effect of Facebook advertising, filling a Page’s follower list with fake Likes that yield little or no engagement. And since today’s interaction feeds future exposure, “a rising number of fans can result in a drop in engagement.” If true, this issue is something Facebook MUST address. Watch the video and see what you think.


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