September 26th: Learn How to Put Sunlight’s Free Data to Work

Our good friend Alan Rosenblatt’s next Internet Advocacy Roundtable is coming up on September 26th, and I’ll see you there. The topic this time? Using the Sunlight Foundation’s extensive government-transparency data streams via nerd-cool API:

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant” is the tagline for the Sunlight Foundation, an amazing advocate for transparent and open government. One of Sunlight’s most useful resources for those of us seeking to shine a light on our government is its API data feeds.

These free-to-use data feeds allow you to create web and mobile applications that can really give your advocacy and awareness campaigns a powerful advantage over your competition.

Join us for the September 26, 2013 Internet Advocacy Roundtable as we feature a panel of experts from the Sunlight Foundation who will help you understand what you can do with these data feeds and how to use them.

That’s right… this Roundtable is all Sunlight, all the time…. so bring your shades.

Sign up today. BTW, I’ll be one of several speakers tomorrow at an American University digital advocacy course Alan’s teaching this semester…time to warp the brains of the young. And tell them to stay off my lawn.


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Colin Delany
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