As Summer Slows to an End, E-Book Sales Tick Up

A serious case of the Summer Slows has settled into the e.politics bunker lately; even the staff is napping more than usual. With the sun slipping from the sky a little earlier every day, I want to live these last summer moments hard, knowing that September will bring their end. Fall is lovely in DC — the clear light of late afternoon is fantastic — but I have summer in my bones and don’t want to give it up.

The city is quiet, too, with Congress out of session and lots of locals out of town. Even the always-chattery advocacy list-servs have gone dark, and except for a constant stream of fundraising asks (Emily’s List and the DSCC are always in overdrive) and some client back-and-forth, my in-box is near empty.

But a few people must be using this time to plan for 2014 — Kindle sales of the e-book version of “How Campaigns Can Use The Internet to Win in 2012” have ticked up noticeably in August. Nobody’s getting rich around here, since we’re talking about sales in the double-digits per month, but the upward trend is still noteworthy (particularly since the book’s Kindle customers mainly seem to find it themselves while browsing or searching I’ve been planning to rewrite the 2012 book for 2014, and here’s a hint that a bigger audience might be looking for it than before. Summer slows won’t last forever.


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Colin Delany
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