Video: Talking 2012 Digital Political Trends with Call2Action

It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago a bunch of us online political nerds were camped out in Austin for South by Southwest Interactive, an experience that damn near killed your Loyal Editor. Besides the audio recording of our Occupy/Citizen Journalism panel and a fair amount of liver damage, the conference also yielded the discussion below, with Aiden Livingston of Call2Action (disclosure: Call2Action is an occasional consulting client).

In the video below, Aiden and I touch on a ton of good topics, including the power of data for microtargeting in general, for cookie-based voter-file targeting, for multi-variant email fundraising campaigns and for tracking supporter actions, including social sharing. We also talk about the new NGP/VAN Social Organizing tool, the importance of trained staff, differences between Democrats and Republicans online and kinds of content that work online. Check it out:

For more on key 2012 tech trends, see also the series I cranked out a couple of months back for Campaigns & Elections. Delicious and nutritious!


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Colin Delany
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