Talking SOPA, Political Power in a Digital World & More with NationBuilder’s Adriel Hampton

Howdy folks, on Saturday I sat down with NationBuilder’s Chief Organizer Adriel Hampton (via Skype) to talk about, well, a lot! We started with a focus on the SOPA protests and Chris Dodd’s new education on the power of internet politics, but we went much farther afield, including ruminations on the nature of a post-manufacturing America…yep, we did some good, old-fashioned nerding out (in which the eternal subject of a genocidal war of robots vs. humans did of course come up). As Adriel wrote:

On this episode of NationBuilder’s Leaders and Creators, I talk with Colin Delany…about the historical online action, former Sen. Chris Dodd’s old-school lobbying efforts to push the SOPA/PIPA bills on behalf of the Motion Picture Association of America, and what this battle between traditional entertainment industry interests and the web means for the future of tech industry lobbying in DC.

Colin and I also discuss the philosophies in Jaron Lanier’s “You Are Not a Gadget” and Kurt Vonnegut’s “Player Piano,” and how organizations, from advocacy non-profits to citizens groups like the Tea Party, turn their online networks into offline political influence.

Listen below:

Good times all around, and keep an eye out for future installments of NationBuilder’s “Leaders and Creators Podcast” series.


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