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Howdy folks, one of our Epolitics.com contributors, Kayle Hatt, has launched his own digital politics/political commentary blog, so go check it out! He’s Canadian, the poor frozen bastard, so he’s writing (appropriately enough) at KayleHatt.ca. Very cool, and welcome to the club!

Also, I believe I may have #failed miserably by never formally welcoming the Netroots Foundation’s “Winning the Internet” blog when it launched a few months back. They’re already doing great work by gathering “curated strategies and tactics for change,” and from Day One they demonstrated their profound understanding of the ‘tubes by including a cute kitten in their logo. Brilliant! So go check them out, too.


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  • New app helps chart political terrain — TPM Media’s PollTracker available in the app store. All details below:

    I. Description:

    No matter what race you’re following, PollTracker provides the polling data you need.

    TPM Media’s PollTracker App provides users with an essential tool to track the 2012 Election in real time – from the presidential race to each and every congressional contest. With optimized charts and averages, PollTracker 2012 follows important swing states, provides key voter group information (independents, gender breakdown, voter subgroups) and offers specific detailed candidate data. PollTracker also keeps track of key referenda throughout the country. A presidential dashboard allows users to program specific polling preferences.

    PollTracker charts new political terrain with an up-to-the-minute mobile application that offers statistics and comprehensive analysis, aggregating all available poll data in real time. Polling power in the palm of the hand. Results are presented in bold graphic form to show how races are trending and coupled with independent, impartial analysis on why those results matter.

    Top Features:

    — A curated list of the latest polls in the nation’s hottest races
    — users can log in every day to see what the editors of PollTracker are following.
    — A presidential election center with swing state averages, breakdowns of key voting blocs, candidate information on President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, along with historical charting of the race.
    — A search function that allows users to look for and keep tabs on their local races, including contests for Congress, the U.S. Senate and statewide referenda.
    — Push notifications that alert users to new polls instantly as PollTracker updates averages and analysis.

    PollTracker has been collecting and aggregating public polling data since 2006. Its technology combines all available public polling and runs it through a sophisticated regression analysis designed in consultation with renowned polling expert and political scientist Dr. Charles Franklin from the University of Wisconsin. PollTracker averages are forward looking — they show where the data is going, not just where it’s been.

    PollTracker is a product of TPM Media, the parent company of the popular political site Talking Points Memo.

    PollTracker. We do the Math.

    II. Link to the app in the app store:


    III. Press release


    IV. More on the app (including screenshots):


    V. Video demo of the app: