After South Carolina, Gingrich Launches a “Knockout” Money Bomb

Gingrich knockout money bomb

Capitalizing on yesterday’s South Carolina primary win, Newt Gingrich sent out an email last night lighting the fuse on a million-dollar “money bomb” (a concentrated online fundraising effort) to “knock out” those who stand between him and the presidency. Though the original email suggested that Romney and Republican elites were the target (it included lines like “we need a bold Reagan conservative to debate Obama” and “this campaign is going to continue to rely on millions of patriots from across the country rather than just a handful of wealthy donors and bundlers”), a subsequent message focused on the incumbent:

“I was asked at a town hall in South Carolina how I plan to “bloody Obama’s nose” and point out to the American public his many failures. My response was simple: I don’t want to bloody Barack Obama’s nose, I want to knock him out! And after last night’s resounding victory, we’re in a position to do just that.”

One million dollars? That’ll pay off his $800,000 website for sure, with a little something left over for Tiffany’s! (Sorry, couldn’t resist). Money bombs are a great way for a campaign to turn a burst of momentum and attention into the potential for further victories, though in this case even $1,000,000 is likely to be pocket change compared with what the Establishment will spend to try to stop Gingrich via SuperPACS and other channels in the next few weeks. But as with Elizabeth Warren’s recent success with the tactic, a lucrative money bomb also demonstrates grassroots support, something Gingrich will need, since he lacks a strong local organization in Florida and the Super Tuesday States.

BTW, Rick Santorum also tried to launch a money bomb recently, but he did so using a name (“Conservatives United Moneybomb”) that lends itself to an unfortunate acronym and headlines like this one. Dude, get a clue.


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Colin Delany
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  • Something along the lines of “Santorum Uses CUM (Conservatives United Moneybomb) to Grease the Hinges of War Chest.”

    Class all the way, baby! Who the hell is running Santorum’s operation over there? Do they not have anybody with enough imagination to think these things through?