Hillary Clinton Builds Her SMS Posse with a South Carolina Victory Facebook Post

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Check out Hillary Clinton’s South Carolina victory announcement on Facebook:

We just won the South Carolina primary! Text CONGRATS to 47246 to tell Hillary you’re proud to be on her team today.

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Saturday, February 27, 2016

Great tactic! Not everyone will text Hillary, of course, but building a list of activists’ cell phones is a smart way to use this moment to her advantage — it’s a particularly high-visibility post, and in its first hour it was already generating Likes, Shares and Comments at a blinding pace.

SMS lists are campaign gold, since people open text messages at a much higher rate than emails. They’re right there in your pocket! Which is also why people are often reluctant to give cell numbers to campaigns. But if you CAN get access to someone’s phone, text messages are an excellent tool for generating turnout. With Super Tuesday looming, focusing on GOTV tactics demonstrates exactly the right priorities. Plus, note the cross-channel angle, since she’s using one digital outreach tool to build up another. Double-smart.

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Colin Delany
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