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Oof, here’s yet another reminder of why campaigns should be damn careful to nail down relevant web addresses: American Bridge is having a little fun with If you go to the URL, right now it redirects to one of several outside websites, including:

Genius! Even more better? American Bridge is offering the domain in exchange for a (large) donation…check your wallet and dig for spare change under the sofa cushions, kids! Thanks to Beth Becker for the tip.


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Colin Delany
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  • […] Das progressive PAC American Bridge hat die Finger an bekommen und bieten sie zum Verkauf auf Craigslist an. Schlimmer noch: In Moment leitet die URL auf diverse Artikel und Seiten weiter, die an Probleme in der Kampagne erinnern. Danke an Colin Delaney für die Ãœbersicht der unterschiedlichen Weiterleitungen auf seinem Blog […]

  • Yeah you can definitely have fun with Newt Gingrich in general. His name is not only “Newt” it also has “rich” in it. Hello. Makes me want to make a custom yard sign.