Speaking at Organizing 2.0 in NYC February 13th

Just confirmed! I’m very excited to be speaking at the Organizing 2.0 conference, a “Training in Online Skills for Labor and Social Justice Activists,” held in NYC on Sunday, February 13th. Last year’s event was terrific, and this time around I’m looking forward to learning a ton and meeting some great folks committed to making the world a better place.

At the December, 2009 edition, Charles Lenchner and I had a great conversation about applying the lessons of the ’08 Obama campaign to local political campaigns and issue advocacy efforts, and it lives on still through the magic of online video. Check it out below:

And finally, the oft-promised Online Politics 101 rewrite is just a few short hours away from completion — the content is complete with the publication of yesterday’s Twitter chapter, and all that’s left is to pull the various pieces together into the final PDF package. Woo hoo! Get ready to spread the word….


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