Speaking Gigs Galore: SalsaLabs on Thursday, PA Prog Summit in February, and SXSW

Hey kids! Sorry for the recent publishing hiatus — no doubt I was waiting for the New Hampshire primary results with such anticipation that it induced long-term paralysis. Or mind-erasing boredom, whichever.

But never fear, you can get a much-needed dose of e.politics soon, and in person even! (Ladies, please — no fainting.) Next Thursday I’ll join RadCampaign’s Allyson Kapin and Jeanette Russell of SalsaLabs at Salsa’s DC lair for a post-webinar, pre-happy hour discussion about how nonprofits and advocacy organizations can leverage the election-year media frenzy to promote their issues and themselves. It’s part of Salsa’s “Advocacy Rising” series, and note that Salsa’s offices feature free beer of the cold and yummy variety.

Next up, Lizandra Vidal and I are working on the details of a panel she got accepted for the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit in February. We’ll focus on a perennial favorite topic — integrating online and offline campaigning — with help from some local Pennsylvania groups who’ve been doing just that. DC types, it’ll be worth the trip to Philly.

Finally, and this is the big news, I’m speaking at South by Southwest in March! A friend from Austin was putting together a late-submitted, Occupy-themed panel and tapped me to moderate, which was pretty damn cool of him all around. More details soon, but we’ve been accepted and obviously I’m psyched as hell.

Other site news: a couple of articles are sitting in the hopper, waiting for finishing touches, as is a loooong list of Quick Hits (they do stack up). And the rewrite of “Winning in 2010” for 2012 is under way! Keep an ear open for the announcement and be ready to spread the word. Thank you, and that is all — for now.


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