Election Day at Last: The Final Digital Push to Get Out the Vote

Whew! The day has finally come, and I’m so durn nervous about the results that I’ve barely been able to write. I’ve long been more sanguine than most, which is likely to prove to have been wishful thinking, but what the hell — beats worryin’. In any case, regardless of what happens tonight, my friends on the Democratic side have been working their hearts out to boost turnout. Here are a few highlights:

But wait there’s more! Find out Who’s Getting the Most Buzz on Twitter and Which Candidates are the Most Googled. I’ll update this list with more GOTV articles as I can tonight, but I’ll be at an election-night party later on…it’s a good evening to be around friends, regardless. Update: 2010 Election Tops Obama’s Presidential Win in Online Traffic and More Facebook Users Have Already “I Voted” Today Than in ’08.


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Colin Delany
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