DC Welcomes Tea Partiers, Kind Of

Welcome to DC, Tea Partiers in town for the Glenn Beckathon in the Mall Saturday! DCist prepared the map below to show you where you’ll feel “comfortable” in the area, based on a handy online guide from a Maine TP group. Stick to these protected areas (Mom,* click each colored area on the map to see what pops up), and you’re much less likely to encounter actual DC residents, who clearly can’t be trusted to be Legal U.S. Citizens with birth certificates and all. Or to be white, for that matter. Have fun! I’d invite you up to my neighborhood, but you’d be a minority here, and that would be scary and stuff.

View The Tea Party Guide to DC in a larger map


*Mom wanted me to strike her name so that no one would think she was a Tea Partier…meaning that she must be a commie socialist. No wonder I turned out this way.

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Colin Delany
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