Wanted: Tips for Getting Digital Budget Buy-In

Hi folks, this just in from ClickZ‘s crack political advertising reporter, Kate Kaye:

As you may know, ClickZ is putting together a free resource for political campaigns set to publish in May called “Digital Political Campaigns 101.” We’re calling it a starter kit for running an online campaign. One of the sections will feature ideas from people like you for getting buy-in for digital. I know all of you have lots of personal experience with this dilemma (yeah, this is a mass email).

My question for you: What is your top advice for convincing the people holding the campaign purse-strings that digital media is worth a serious investment in budget and resources? What’s worked for you in the past?

I’ll be compiling a list of key advice from your colleagues from the right and left. I’d love to include your advice in the list. If you want your name attributed to the advice, great. If not, that’s OK, too. The mission of this resource (a free downloadable pdf doc) is to help smaller campaigns — many of which may not even have a specific digital team or even dedicated digital staffer. These campaigns represent the next big wave of digital political money, but some will need help from experts like you when it comes to getting support from their campaign managers, etc.

If you’re interested in contributing your thoughts (as much as a line or two will suffice), please let me know — either send your thoughts via email, or if it’s easier for you, I’d be more than happy to talk in the next week.

Or, why not email ’em to Kate AND leave them in the comments below? I suspect that our little site’s readership will have plenty of excellent advice, much of it based on hard experience. FYI, I’ve contributed three (short) chapters to the “Digital Political Campaigns 101,” and I’m really looking forward to reading the whole thing.


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Colin Delany
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