Up Close and Personal with Snowpackalypse Now; Plus, Boxless Has a Fan Page

Whew, talk about one hell of a week: the new day job heated up almost as fast as the weather cooled down, as DC smothered under the arrival of several feet of snow since Friday. Today was extra-fun, with blizzard-strength winds blowing so much powder that the snowplows had to sit it out for a while. Not e.politics, though — duty (and a sense of adventure) called. I was scheduled to be at a conference at the Capitol Hill Hyatt for a couple of hours this afternoon, and impressively enough, it was still on even though most of DC was shut down — they’d arrived between the big storms and just ran their show right on through. And when a Texan gives his word, a word has been given, especially if the trains are still running underground…it took an extra 45 minutes or so, but I got down to the Hill from Mt. Pleasant and have the photographic evidence to prove it. Excellent trip!

One other awful risk this week — it was time to learn to build and customize a Facebook Fan Page, so I used long-time e.politics associate Boxless as a guinea pig (guinea turtle?). Why the risk? He’s got so much charisma that who knows WHERE this might end, particularly since I listed him under the category “model.” Ladies beware, — his charms are as indisputable as they are inscrutable, and you’ll join his list of Fans at your own peril. Just look at those spots!


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