E.politics on Sports Talk Radio Tonight? Score!

Check it out — tune in to SportsTalkRadio (online) tonight to catch me chatting with Rick Morris & The FDH Dignitaries (that’s FDH as in “FantasyDraftHelp.com”) about, well, let’s hope it’s about online politics. Should I warn ’em that I know zip about sports other than pro football (like my man Dick Nixon)? Nah, let’s just let this one play out on its own…

The deets: the segment should begin around 7:25, and you can read a preview of their whole three-hour show (I’ll be on for maybe 15-20 minutes). Listen live here, or look through the archives if you’re coming late to the party. Hmmm, from the show’s URL, somehow Cleveland is involved? Hello Cleveland! “See” y’all tonight.


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Colin Delany
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  • Woo hoo! Go Browns! Did you know I lived in Youngstown/Boardman when Bernie Kosar played there? It’s true! Art Modell sucks! Dennis Kucinich Rocks! Cleveland Rocks! Drew Carey is the funniest comedian ever!

    Sorry, got carried away.

    I will try really hard to listen if the kids let me. Seriously, this is the coolest thing you’ve done since you tried to burn down that chick’s mom’s deck.