Sharing the Knowledge: Recent and Upcoming Online Advocacy Trainings

With the holidays long past and the Inauguration frenzy over (at least mostly — I’m STILL fighting a cold no-doubt brought to town by a visiting Obamamaniac), the consulting and training sides of the e.politics industrial machine are really kicking in. Just this past Friday, I spent a good chunk of an afternoon working with a national security-focused nonprofit, helping them set up a process of adapting their rich store of content to a new website soon to go live — a discussion that’s partly about information architecture, partly about writing and partly about search engine optimization.

Tuesday, I’ll be going over the essentials of online advocacy communications for a group of manufacturing-union field organizers, and later in the week I’ll lead a breakout session on similar topics at a conference of community arts organizations at the Kennedy Center. And in two weeks, I’m off to a conference on electoral politics in Mexico City, to talk about online tools and tactics in the 2008 U.S. elections.

Website design and construction still mainly keep the lights on and the staff fed down here in the e.politics bunker, but trainings and speaking gigs are the really interesting parts of the business, since I often learn at least as much from conducting them as the participants do from being there. You can help — just please keep your ears open and send folks this way. Drinks are on me if you do!


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Colin Delany
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