Or, The Great State Of Texas, for those of you not familiar with the shorthand used by staff in the Texas Legislature (ah, my distant youth!) to describe that most cherished of phrases in the political lexicon of the Lone Star State. I DARE you to find a significant political speech given by a Texan on this sacred soil that does not contain those words.

You think DC has a shortage of parties? Try Palestine, Texas — unless you’re looking to party with some armadillos. Or you think that a late-night seven-hour roundtrip to the Houston airport to pick up your sister and your two (pre-school-aged) nieces is a party. Though after that trip last night (we got in at 4 a.m.), there’s one possum who lives near Grapeland who oughta be throwing a party, since he owes his life to decent brakes and better reflexes.

Anyway, E.politics World Headquarters has temporarily located to the hinterland; look me up if you’re passing through. Plenty of time to catch up on some writing, Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise…


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Colin Delany
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