Slow End of a Texas Summer

End of a Texas Summer

Howdy folks, greetings from the Lone Star State. “The Great State of Texas” they called it in every political speech I can remember, a phrase we short-handed to “TGSOT” when I worked in the temple of reason — or something like that — known as the Texas Legislature. I’ve been down this way for over a week now, with a side trip to visit kin in southern Arkansas, and they ain’t quite done with me here yet.

Digital concerns have taken a back seat to life on my end lately, but it’s almost time to plunge full-bore into the fray again: sweet languid summer is slipping from our hands. Soon we’ll be back to the endless shallow hustle of politics. But what the hell — it’s only the world we’re trying to change here.

You and I have seen a lot of miles together in the nine years since this site launched, and we’ll have few more to cover before we can rest under yonder shade tree again. Thanks for being along for the ride, bumpy as a dirt road on a hot Texas afternoon. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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