Election Night: E.politics is Live on Fox5

The rumors are true: I’m cheating on the internet. Here’s the scoop — along with my friend David Almacy, I’ll be on the Washington-area Fox affiliate’s live election coverage tonight, both online and on the air (Fox5 News!). We’ll be serving as the resident online politics experts, and you can tune in via live web video from 7-10 as they come to us for a few minutes every half-hour. From 10 until midnight, we’re live on the air, under what I assume will be the same arrangement. I’m not shunning the interweb completely though: I’ll also be updating a resource page or two on e.pol and also doing Twitter posts. Should be a hoot all around — swing on by and check it out.


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Colin Delany
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  • Thanks to you I will actually watch Fox’s election coverage for the first time ever. Godspeed young man!

  • First Admiral Ackbar and now this … Good luck and may the force be with you (FOX Five you may need it)!

  • I am watching Fox5, and is it you I see in the background? I am currently sipping a tequila-laced drink while watching the numbers roll in. Congrats Colin. What a year. I remember when you said you were going to be this person. You are in the big time. Yeah… also plug the band….

  • Congrats Colin, one step closer to being a political media mogul. Sorry I missed this earlier. And thanks for plugging the band. heh heh