Danger Ahead: Cable News People with Nothing to Talk About

So, if the Indiana and North Carolina results mean that the Democratic primary process is truly almost over, how will we spend our time? And more importantly, how with the cable news people spend their time? The networks have created enormous structures based around breathless coverage of developments ranging from the mundane to the trivial, and now there will be a distinct shortage of grist for the mill. These folks will now have all kinds of time to make mischief, i.e., elevate things even MORE meaningless into the heights of the public discourse. Cable news too often illustrates the truism that more is not always better…better shoot your television now.


Written by
Colin Delany
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  • I am sick of watching cable TV right now when it is filled with political coverage (unfortunately it’s like crack to me and I can’t get enough)…. but when it shifts away from primary coverage its going to be utterly unbearable again.

  • Dude, we are all doomed. No chance of surviving the next six months with anything resembling a rational worldview.