Political Podcasting, Text Messaging and Targeted Cable Ads: LA Times Article

Mark Z. Barabak has a good overview article about political campaigns’ use of new technology in the LA Times (requires registration), focusing on podcasting and blogs but with some information about wireless/mobile technology and cable tv. The story’s hook: “Politicians and their promoters are facing the same problem as Hollywood and the makers of toothpaste: How do you sell your product to an increasingly fragmented audience?” Some quick highlights:

  • Cable tv companies may soon be able to deliver ads targeted to a particular household — marketers have been able to slice and dice direct mail recipient lists like this for years, but it’s new to television
  • Campaigns are waking up to the promise of social media and other Web 2.0 technologies to turn casual site visitors into evangelists
  • Over 50,000 people are already subscribing to GOP video podcasts, even with little promoting

Well worth reading, and suggested by a loyal reader (thanks, Dad!).


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Colin Delany
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