New Organizing Institute Party/Fundraiser Saturday

Hey kids, ready to party for your right to fight? The New Organizing Institute, which trains campaign and nonprofit workers in the dark arts of online politics, is having a throwdown and fundraiser after Saturday’s RootsCampDC. The venue: MCCXXIII (1223 for the roman numeral-impaired), down south of Dupont at 18th and Connecticut (a little eurotrashy but what the hell). 6:30-8:30, $12 at the door, reasonably priced booze and a crowd composed of some of the finest drinking minds in the world of progressive online politics. C’mon down, ya hear? Patrick, David and Matt, you guys can show but remember that your money’s going to the forces of anarchy, sin and degradation that are working so hard to bring down our nation even as we speak.


Written by
Colin Delany
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