The RNC Would Like to Sell You a Pink Elephant

Wow, here’s an interesting political fundraising innovation: donate at least $35 to the Republican National Committee, and they’ll send you your very own Maxine!
pink elephant
How public-television of you guys! Are you offering an RNC tote bag and umbrella next? Seriously, it’s a cute idea, but doesn’t a pink elephant open you up to more than just a few jokes, i.e., the Republicans must be seeing pink elephants if they think they can win in November? Read the RNC email and see what you think.

Update: Hmmmm, this has been the least-read item on e.politics in quite a while. Clearly, nobody else seems to think it’s as funny as I did. Live and learn.


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Colin Delany
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  • OMG!! No. As someone who is LOVING making graphic design “collages” with these awful politicians, I have been seeking a “pink elephant” image good enough to show American’s scarlet-suited harlot riding it! (however I put Palin’s head on a dirty upskirt animation cell of Jessica Rabbit, because you know, those Disney animators LOVE subliminal programming.