Some Doings in the Online Advocacy World

People are on the move in the world of electronic advocacy, and we here at e.politics are happy to document it for your pleasure. First off, the departure of the charming and always in-the-know Cheryl Contee for Fleishman Hillard left a yawning void in the upper ranks of Issue Dynamics, and Second Life-enthusiast Kevin Reid has stepped up manfully to Hold The Line as Vice President and head of the company’s Internet consulting division. One role he can’t fill: he’ll never have as cool a ‘do as Ms. Contee is known to sport (blondes do have more fun, after all).

Next up, Alan Rosenblatt, Doktor of Digital Politics and the power behind the Internet Advocacy Center, is leaving Turner Strategies for a new job as Associate Director of Online Advocacy at the Center for American Progress. Now he gets to try out those groovy tactics he’s been talking about all this time — hey Alan, time to do some work for a change. No worries, he won’t be hiding his light completely under a bushel, since he’ll still be writing for Dr. Digipol and techPresident.

Next time you run into any of these folks, just remember, drinks are on them.


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Colin Delany
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  • Thanks for the mention Colin! And John — thanks for noticing my kicks. Kevin is going to do a great job at IDI. I am excited about my move to the Bay Area and the opportunities that re-launching Fleishman-Hillard’s online practice provides to its current and incoming clients. John Schoeb’s cousin Melissa runs the LA FH office and I’ve heard she’s almost as amazing as John. 😉

    Special to Dr. Rosenblatt — congrats! CAP is lucky to have you on board.

  • We will indeed miss Cheryl, shoes, locks and all. I have no doubt that she will continue to play an important role in the Web 2.0 world. FH is lucky to have her.

    Kevin and the rest of the IDI team haven’t missed a step. Their shoes may not be as amazing as Cheryl’s, but I can assure you there is no yawing going on over here!!

    Sam Simon
    Issue Dynamics, Inc