Online Politics: Cheap and Tawdry, Just the Way We Like It

Okay, maybe not tawdry, but certainly cheap: writing for Laura Quinn at Idealware, Alan Rosenblatt (newly of the Center for American Progress) has put together an excellent overview of low-cost online advocacy tools. Need to reach supporters via cell phone? Alan’s got some options. Promoting via social media and social news? Ditto. Want to build a social network? You’re probably crazy to compete with Facebook, MySpace, etc., but if you want to give it a run, he’ll show you where to go. And he’ll steer you toward existing networks on which you can piggyback your issues as well. Overall, a great overview of these topics and a lot more — I reviewed an earlier version of the article and learned a ton. This one’s a keeper.


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Colin Delany
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  • Thanks for the plug Colin. And thanks to Laura, Mark Rovner, Katrin Verclas, and you for some awesome editorial guidance. The piece is much better for it.

    Eventually, I will be posting more on the CircleUp tool on and… if I can only find some time… LOL. Maybe this weekend.