Homeland Security Slips Tentacles Into Second Life

Guest article! My Burning Sensation colleague Dr. John T. Elliott (Ph.D.) noticed this morning that the Department of Homeland Security is considering setting up a Second Life office, following the lead of a number of companies, political campaigns, nonprofits and governmental agencies. Not satisfied with just sending the link, he decided to write up his version of a e.politics post…and I’m runnin’ it as-is, baby! Parody is the highest form of…

dissecting the craft of being an online journalist and gettin’ the ladies

blah, blah, blah

Hot Topic! Homeland Security Advisory Level is Severe…

That is, DHS is -severely- considering a presence in the Second Life community. Hey kids, don’t go dressing up as your favorite terrorist Sim while wandering the halls of your favorite Second Life store front. For all you know, you’re in the Department of Homeland Security. DHS, recognizing the increasing presence of introverts and anarchists in virtual reality, is considering setting up an office where they can add the most “value” to a Second Life street. The 3 million registered users…. blah, blah, blah.

Ha ha.

Hey John, what’s the difference between scientists and normal people? Find out here. Bzzzzzt!


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Colin Delany
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