Yahoo Launches Advertising Network for the Mobile Web

Interesting news in my inbox this morning — Yahoo is launching an ad network targeted at users of the mobile web (read coverage via MarketingVOX and the New York Times). A way for campaigns to snare new supporters and their cell phone numbers? From MarketingVOX:

Yahoo’s mobile ad network will focus on publishers and advertisers, groups essential to the success of the mobile internet. By summer, Yahoo will begin delivering text, display and video advertising on third-party mobile websites, according to Steve Boom, Yahoo SVP for broadband and mobile.

Hmmmm, I wonder which presidential campaign will try it first? Will big advocacy campaigns find this to be a useful tool for snagging supporters, younger ones in particular? What’ll work best, simple text ads, display or video? (My guess is text, with video more useful as an “educational” tool, but somebody try it and let’s find out).


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Colin Delany
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