Colin Delany August 17, 2007

Keeping Up with the Changing World of Media Buying and Online Advertising

The online advertising world is moving so fast that I can’t hardly keep up with it — just in the last few days, the MarketingVox e-newsletter has delivered a slew of stories that suggest new opportunities for campaigns and advocacy groups to spread their messages online:

Special bonus article! Be sure to check out yesterday’s Wired piece on Google search advertising by the presidential campaigns. What opportunities are they missing? Who’s doing it right?


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  1. Stan

    Re: the last item about buying Keywords on Google. This tactic was a very big deal in this year’s French presidential campaign. Sarkozy’s party used it to great effect (recruited supporters in the hundreds per day at dirt-cheap rates). So, drawing on that experience, let me speculate about what’s going to happen next in the U.S:

    – candidates will get a clue and start buying Adwords with their name, but also the name of their opponents (hint: the latter won’t like and will take it out on Google)
    – everytime there’ll be big news (hurricane, breaking news, Paris Hilton’s latest…) which tends to draw lots of eyeballs to Google, expect the whatever-happened-today keyword to point to the page of a candidate’s site with his/her position on the topic du jour
    – opponents will urge their supporters to engage in whack-an-adword games (also known as click fraud) to cost as much money per click as possible to the other campaign and drive up cost of acquisition of a new visitor to the advertiser’s site. Hint: there’s something quirky about Google Adsense’s algorithm that actually makes the ad even more relevant, thus visible to web surfers when lots of people click on it, making the manoeuver counter-productive over time.
    – Every time candidate A will say something bold or stupid, expect a google adword to appear with that very statement, and a direct link to some YouTube video showing a different statement exhumed from the past.

    Wanna bet on this? 😉

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