Obama Hoopla Continues Online

Two interesting pieces for those of you following the Obamarama closely. First, in Beltway Blogroll, Danny Glover reprints a Heather Greenfield Tech Daily piece describing how Zephyr Teachout and John Hlinko have joined DraftObama.org, a volunteer site devoted to, well, drafting Barak Obama (for president). Both worked in Democratic presidential politics in 2004, Teachout for Dean and Hlinko in the effort to persuade Wesley Clark to run.

Slate also has a very nice video dissection of Obama’s pre-Monday Night Football appearance, narrated by political correspondent John Dickerson. Snarky, but accurate (you gotta love the dancing hearts and the little smile-gleam).

Update: Todd over at the Bivings Report writes up a new Facebook-derived group called Students for Barack Obama, which claims over 20,000 members.


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Colin Delany
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