The Worst Political Websites of 2006

Margarita recipes! Blogging dogs! (“Sometimes he sings to me and I dance and wag my tail…”). Indiana Dan (Burton), complete with bullwhip! These join empty pages, typos galore, “under construction” signs and the much-loved <blink> tag as ways to get on CNET’s list of the worst political websites.

Sweet Jesus, how I love sites that are this bad. I love them like I love hair metal power ballads, Teenagers from Outer Space, 1950s educational films and home-edited skateboard videos (actually, never mind, some of those are really GOOD). In this case, the small-timers, fringe-runners and also-rans have an excuse, but not the incumbent congressmembers. That’s what makes it fun. Via Politics and Technology.


Written by
Colin Delany
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