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Congratulations to E.pol Contributor Henri Makembe!

It’s an online politics celebration! Good friend and regular contributor Henri Makembe is leaving Blue State Digital to join Shana Glickfield and the rest of the crew over at The Beekeeper Group (where they keep the buzz going, get it?). He’s joining as a Partner, which...

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Catching Up

Hi folks, sorry for the recent content shortage — I’ve been swamped with work and other commitments pre-South by Southwest and had to let the site rest for a bit. One adventure last week? An all-morning training for government relations professionals on Monday, which gave me a couple...

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Quick Hits — February 18, 2013

Step One in an e.pol publishing revival: clear the Quick Hits queue. Let’s get ready to rumble. Marco Rubio’s water grab becomes the talk of Twitter and social media, as Sen. Marco Rubio’s mid-speech water gulp goes viral on Twitter. C.f. [Twitter Loves] Marco Rubio’s...

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