Colin Delany September 23, 2009

Tomorrow: Twitter Training at CAP

Twitter here, Twitter there, Twitter everywhere — but what’s it good for? Come to tomorrow’s Internet Advocacy Roundtable and you’ll find out, since host Alan Rosenblatt has organized a great introduction to microblogging as a political advocacy tool. Shireen Mitchell and I will start with a Twitter 101, and after that we’ll move on to case studies and Q&A. Demand has already been high and the space has filled fast, but you should be able to sneak in if you RSVP beforehand. The speakers:

If you can’t be there in person, I’ll include the link to the video as soon as I get it.



  1. Stijn VercamerReply

    have you got that videolink? Or a slideshare-link to a presentation? I’d like to improve our twitter-strategy at sp.a (

  2. cpdReply

    Hey man, I just checked and it’s not up yet. I’ll bug Alan Rosenblatt and see what he says. Thanks for reminder.

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