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December, 2009

Back in Business!

Okay, that was interesting — after a catastrophic hardware failure at our ISP and a couple of days of problems with the site, is back up and running at full steam. Thursday morning, I suddenly stopped getting any messages sent to an email address — things...

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Quick Hits — November 17, 2008

Obama Delivers First Democratic Video Address, with reviews (Rating Obama’s First Weekly YouTube Address) and previews: The YouTube Presidency and Obama Turns To YouTube For Weekly Broadcast. Plus, commentary/criticisms On Putting a President’s Democratic Address on Youtube, since...

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Unveiling the Online Politics Cabinet

The media attention’s on Barack Obama’s potential choices for jobs in HIS Cabinet, but what about OURS? E.politics has selflessly taken on the task of assembling a core group of crack online political operatives to help Bring Our Nation into the 21st Century — they can get...

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