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May, 2008

Back in Business!

Okay, that was interesting — after a catastrophic hardware failure at our ISP and a couple of days of problems with the site, is back up and running at full steam. Thursday morning, I suddenly stopped getting any messages sent to an email address — things...

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Blogger Relations: Effective But Not Efficient

Speaking about social media at Tuesday’s Media Future Now lunch, Melanie Phung made a great point about blogger relations: she described it as effective but not efficient. That’s an excellent summing-up, since a link in the right blog can be tremendously effective at driving traffic...

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Quick Hits — November 17, 2008

Obama Delivers First Democratic Video Address, with reviews (Rating Obama’s First Weekly YouTube Address) and previews: The YouTube Presidency and Obama Turns To YouTube For Weekly Broadcast. Plus, commentary/criticisms On Putting a President’s Democratic Address on Youtube, since...

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