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October 11th, 2014

Obama Advertising on Video Games

Commercial advertisers have been experimenting with advertising in video games for a couple of years now, but Barack Obama has now given in-game ads the Presidential (campaign) Seal of Approval: he’s been running get-out-the-vote ads in the XBox Live racing game Burnout Paradise for days...

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Rebranding Sarah Palin via Google Ad

This weekend saw a fascinating juxtaposition on e.politics — Sarah Palin branding ads on the same page as the fairly frightening Sarah Palin art article from last Friday. The ad (reproduced below the break) was a skyscraper banner running at the bottom of the right-hand column of the page...

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Information Overload

Hell of a season, eh? We’ve just about had everything — from lipstick on a pig all the way to a full-on financial panic, with two ongoing wars and the lingering effects of an oil-price shock playing in the background. Too much too much — the last couple of weeks, I think I hit...

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