The Shape of Politics in the 2020s: Fourteen Stories


We don’t know how the Georgia Senate runoffs will go next week, but we already know a lot about American politics in the next two years. The Democrats are easy: Joe Biden will do his earnest best but fail the test of ruthlessness, while the ideological Left will form a circular firing squad and blast any deviation from the Correct Truth of the moment. Victory!

Elected Republicans are easy, too. Mitch McConnell will break every norm to keep Biden from accomplishing anything, even if it means tanking the economy. Deficits are super bad, amiright? Meanwhile, state-level Republicans will make it harder for anyone who doesn’t look like them to vote, smirking as they redistrict themselves to long-term minority rule. It’s 2010 all over again; Hey Soul Sister, I Love The Way You Lie.

But these are still basically tactical questions, important as their outcomes will be. I think politics in the 2020s will move on deeper currents, driven by questions of truth and identity rarely heard on cable news or captured in a tweet. Meanwhile, the world won’t stop for us to figure ourselves out, and I suspect we’ll yearn for the easy days when we knew who — and where — the bad guys were. Take a look at the stories below and see if you find them as unsettling as I do.

A Shared Reality No More

Trump & Tribalism

Republican Rule

The World We Live In

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Colin Delany
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