Seems Appropriate: Newt Gingrich URL Labeled ‘Malicious’

Boom. Big Boom.

Some Friday fun for you: a few days ago, a McAfee security scan app flagged a link I’d recently clicked. Who owned the site that posed a danger? Newt Gingrich:

Newt Gingrich warning

I’ve been on Newt’s list since he ran for President in 2012, and it’s provided a wealth of joy, mirth and examples of bad practices over the years. Recently, I was curious about the former House Speaker’s thoughts on “Leftist Anti-American Theology” and how “it is utterly clear that many Americans today hate America”, so I clicked on a link in one of his regular email missives. The article was his usual recitation of scare words (“Maoism”! “Marxism”!) divorced from reality, but they wouldn’t have triggered a security warning — only an intellectual-honesty alert. I dug a little deeper and found this listing:

Newt Gingrich site labeled as malicious

Malicious indeed! High risk? To your mind, for sure. Who knows what bad practices landed this URL on the list, since it’s an email pass-through link (you land on a regular “” link once you click). Perhaps some of the email experts reading this article could answer in the comments? Whatever the reason, I revel in its appropriateness. Thank you, Newt, for all you do for America.

– cpd

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