Talking Political Tech in the New Yorker, P2P Texting in Fast Company

It's a Celebration!

A good week on the media front! Check out Andrew Marantz’s in-depth piece on Brad Parscale, which went live on Monday and is apparently in the current print edition (I need to go pick one up). I have a couple of quotes talking about Democratic problems with long-term persuasion in a primary season and the fact that Democrats KNOW how to do what Trump’s done online but haven’t necessarily chosen that path. What do you think?

Next, Fast Company’s Mark Sullivan took a long, well researched look at peer-to-peer texting in politics, and I helped with perspective from a digital political practitioner’s point of view. Is P2P really only one regulatory decision away from disappearing? We can almost surely count on it for 2020, but what about 2022 and beyond? Why has is taken off in such a big way, and does it help one campaign more than another? Check out the full story for those ideas plus stats and data about peer-to-peer texting in politics.


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