Now You Can Have ‘Moscow Mitch’ on Your Desktop

Moscow Mitch's new home town

If it’s midnight in Moscow, what time is it in Kentucky?

Via PoliticalWire, the Democratic PAC American Bridge has launched an extension for the Chrome web browser that will automatically replace the words “Mitch McConnell” in any webpage with “Moscow Mitch”. Yes, you too can bask in the knowledge that you are speaking truth to power…at least if you read the words aloud.

Democrats have fallen in love with this new nickname for the Republican Senate Majority Leader, who’s resolutely impeded inquiry into Russian election-hacking in the 2016 elections. Even before the 2016 vote, he refused to support Barack Obama when the president wanted to alert the public about possible Russian interference. Since then, McConnell has routinely stymied measures to improve election security. In honor of these courageous stands against the integrity of our election system, Joe Scarborough dubbed the senator “Moscow Mitch”, and the name has stuck.

The Kentucky Democratic Party quickly cranked out t-shirt designs, raising $200,000 in just the first couple of days and sparking entrepreneurs to post their own equivalents online. McConnell normally revels in Democrats’ hatred, but apparently the nickname has gotten under his skin. Hitting a bit too close to home, perhaps?

American Bridge’s Chrome extension won’t be publicly visible like a t-shirt, but it’ll be fun for the people who download it — and it won’t let them forget the preferred Democratic messaging about the man who runs the U.S. Senate. Perhaps the Moscow Mitch drumbeat has even driven McConnell to change his ways: he recently announced that he’ll support at least some funding for election security in 2020. Next up, going back in a time machine to allow Merrick Garland a hearing and an honest vote? Hah! Violating the laws of physics would be the easy part, compared with getting McConnell to give Democrats a fair shake. Dems’ only hope? That the worm must surely one day turn….


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