Meanwhile, the Republicans Build a Small-Dollar Donor Base

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Here’s a paradox for you: individual Republican candidates have struggled to raise money this year, to the point that some observers have wondered if many of them are even viable in November. Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee is bringing in money hand over fist, much of it small increments a la Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders or Ron Paul. What gives?

As I explained in Campaigns & Elections a few weeks ago, the secret seems to lie in Donald Trump’s election campaign, specifically the comprehensive, automated Facebook outreach that raised him a couple of hundred million dollars. After the election, the RNC took charge of the email list generated by their work, and they haven’t been shy about using it.

Individual campaigns may benefit from the national party’s largesse, but they don’t seem to have the same direct donor access that the RNC itself does. Can national money beat funds raised directly by a campaign and integrated into its strategy? We may find out in November. Read the full piece for more!

BTW, I turned in a new piece for C&E this week, which should go live soon. The topic? Fake video and fake audio: coming soon to a campaign near you. Be afraid! Seriously, be afraid.

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