What Should 2018 Candidates Be Doing Right Now?

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If you’re running for office in 2018, what should you be doing right now? Former Congressional candidate Andy Millard and I talked through that question in detail on the sidelines of C&E’s CampaignExpo conference a couple of weeks ago, when we sat down for a segment on his new Democratic Candidates podcast.

The big winners:

  • List-building in person and online
  • Building name recognition through social media content and advertising
  • Using voter-file targeted online ads
  • Meeting voters face to face
  • Learning to dial for dollars
  • Being yourself

For more, including a long talk about peer-to-peer apps for campaigns, check out the full podcast — I promise that it’s worth your time (I tell a few stories). And Democrats, be sure to take a good look the Democratic Candidates Conference Andy will be putting on in January. This is the kind of thing Democrats should be doing more of…and that the rest of us should support.

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Colin Delany
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