Take This Short Survey: Online Interactivity & Political Participation


Hi folks, let’s pause our normal political and advocacy frenzy to help advance academic research into digital engagement. Please take the short survey linked in the post below! You’ll win valuable prizes…or at least the enduring thanks of the guy whose research this is. Take it away, Juan:

My name is Juan Sánchez and I am a PhD Marketing student at the University of Valencia (Spain). I am currently developing my doctoral thesis, which focuses on the existing relationship between Internet interactivity and the adoption of a more participative political position.

I would like to ask your collaboration to complete the empirical part of my thesis. In this respect, I need you to click on the link below in order to complete a brief and simple online survey.

As you will see, the questionnaire is easy to answer and can be completed in no more than 8-12 (real-time) minutes. The survey displays several statements on different elements related to blog reading and political participation.

My research has no commercial purpose whatsoever and all the collated information will remain totally anonymous. No previous relevant academic background is required and there are no right and wrong answers. What are truly important and relevant are the freely-expressed opinions on the matters raised.

Please click on the following link to participate:

Take this short survey

Thank you very much for your kind collaboration.

Juan Sánchez-Villar
University of Valencia (Spain)

Please help! It just takes a few minutes. –cpd

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