Tuesday in DC, Check Out ‘Powerful Websites: Hub for your Online Presence’

Howdy folks, if you’re in DC on Tuesday, come on by our little talk at 6 pm:

Powerful Websites: Hub for your Online Presence

We live in a fast-paced world where we need to keep evolving and revolutionizing our online presence to keep people engaged. We constantly need to create fresh, shareable content to feed all our online channels, including our website, email newsletters and social media.

While it’s great to share content on other sites and social media, our website is essential in serving as a hub for all of our online channels. The key is to figure out the best strategy for integrating all of our online channels and to be able to measure the performance of each channel as part of our total online presence.

Join Suzanne Turner, Alan Rosenblatt, Colin Delany, Chris Wolz and Chris Lundberg for an exciting discussion about how to develop an integrated strategy that goes far beyond a website strategy to encompass a strategy for your online presence.

Should be a hoot! More details and an address here — hope you can make it.


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